Ongoing and Recently Completed Research Projects

Funding OrganizationTitle of Research ProjectAmountPeriod
EU-Horizon2020 OILY MICROCOSM – Marie Curie IF Global (TUC & MIT): Mechanistic Microscale Approach to the Microbial Degradation of Oil Droplets in Subsea Crude Oil Releases (Dr. G. Kapellos) - Website: €2017-2019
EU-Horizon2020 MADFORWATER – R&I action program: Development and application of integrated technological and management Solutions for wastewater treatment and efficient reuse in agriculture tailored to the needs of Mediterranean African Countries (Total project funding: 2.910.868 €) - Website: 215.000 €2016-2020
EU-Horizon2020 INMARE – Innovation action program: Industrial Applications of Marine Enzymes: Innovative screening and expression platforms to discover and use the functional protein diversity from the sea. (Total project funding: 6.000.000 €) - Website: www.inmare-h2020.eu250.000 €2015-2019
EU-FP7KILL•SPILL – RTD program: Innovative Biotechnological Solutions for Combating Marine Oil Spills (Coordinator, Total project funding: 8.996.599 €) - Website: €2013-2016
EU-FP7BIOCLEAN – RTD program: New biotechnological approaches for biodegrading and promoting the environmental biotransformation of synthetic polymeric materials (Total project funding: 2.995.988 €) - Website: www.biocleanproject.eu300.000 €2012-2015
EU-FP7WATER4CROPS – RTD program: Integrating biotreated wastewater reuse and valorization with enhanced water use efficiency (WEF) to support the Green Economy in EU and India. (Total project funding: 5.973.764 €) - Website: www.water4crops.org200.000 €2012-2016
GR-GSRT program SYNERGASIA-II: Microalgae – Bioproducts (Total project funding 650.000 €)146.800 €2012-2015
EU-LIFE LIFE10 ENV/GR/601- CHARM: Chromium in Asopos groundwater system: remediation technologies and measures. (Total project funding 2.708.267 €) - Website: €2011-2015
GR-GSRT program HERAKLEITOS-II: Oil spill bioremediation in marine environments 45.000 €2010-2013
GR-GSRT program HERAKLEITOS-II: Membrane Bioreactor for municipal wastewater treatment45.000 €2010-2013
EU-FP7Minotaurus – RTD program: Microorganism and enzyme immobilization: Novel techniques and approaches for upgraded remediation of underground-, wastewater and Soil (Total project funding: 3.908.064 €)289.864 €2010-2013
EU-FP7Ulixes – RTD program: Unravelling and expLoiting Mediterranean Sea microbial diversity and ecology for XEnobiotics’ and pollutantS’ clean up (Total project funding: 3.902.892 €) - Website: www.ulixes.unimi.it285.004 €2010-2013