The laboratory of Biochemical Engineering & Environmental Biotechnology (BEEB) is one of the few laboratories involved in the development of biological-based processes to address environmental problems in Greek Universities. The laboratory was established with the arrival of Prof. Nicolas Kalogerakis at TU-Crete in Chania in the summer of 1997, a few months before the Department accepted its first undergraduate students in September 1997.The laboratory belongs to Division II: "Process Development, Design and Analysis" (previously Division II: “Analysis and Design of Environmental Processes” of the School of Environmental Engineering) at TU-Crete.

The MISSION of the Laboratory is to:

  1. Become one of the premier centres of excellence and innovation in Greece and Southern Europe for Research and Development of novel biotechnological processes for environmental protection, quality assessment and remediation of contaminated sites and marine environments.
  2. Establish collaborative research projects with other laboratories at National, EU and International level.
  3. The Laboratory should fullfil all its teaching obligations (courses on biochemical engineering, environmental biotechnology/ bioremediation at the undergraduate and graduate level.
  4. Provide external services on a contractual basis for environmental sample analysis and/or bioremediation or phytoremediation process design & monitoring.
  5. Valorization of agro-industrial by-products through the development of innovative bioprocesses for the production of biochemicals and bioplastics.

As of December 2021, Dr. Anestis Vlysidis joined as Associate Professor the School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at TU-Crete and as a PI the laboratory. He is also the current Director of the laboratory as N. Kalogerakis is now an Emeritus Professor since he retired in Sept 2021. 

The laboratory has participated in many National and EU (FP5, FP6, FP7, H2020, LIFE, EEA) projects and has established collaborations with many laboratories in EU and worldwide. A quick list of ongoing & recently completed research projects as well as projects completed in the past is provided under the topic Important Links. 

Feel free to visit us!

-Nicolas Kalogerakis